Holsten Brewery Ltd

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Holsten Brewery Ltd, Union Brewery, Point Pleasant, Wandsworth London SW18.

Joseph Langton was brewing in Wandsworth High Street in 1850 but by 1860 Langton & Sons were at the Union Brewery.

A new 26 quarter steam brewery was built 1866.

Traded as the Union Brewery Co. under Walter Gordon 1890, Perrett Brothers May 1892 (although a suggestion that around 1894/5 a Henry Hill brewed there).

On 4th April 1898,Perrett’s Wandsworth brewery was for sale with 4 public houses. However, it did not sell. Later that year it was acquired by Arthur C Nance for £18,000 as the Union Brewery and was listed until 1900.

Registered as above December 1902 as a subsidiary of the Holsten Brauerei of Hamburg until c.1904. Voluntary liquidation 4th June 1920.

British Petroleum acquired the site for use as a depot.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 172,697
Description  : Four hands joined
Date of Application  : 13/8/1875
Used Prior to 1875?  : since 13/8/1875