Henry Parkinson

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Sileby Parkinson.jpg

Henry Parkinson, The Plough, 10 High Street, Sileby, Leicestershire.

The Plough dated back to at least 1802, when a Mr Barrodell was running the pub. Mrs Mary Wilkinson was the victualler in 1848.

By 1870 Edward Parkinson was a butcher and victualler at the Red Lion, whilst Harriet Parkinson was at the Plough, from at least 1855. From 1892 to 1921 Henry Parkinson (F4629) was brewing at the Plough, followed in 1922 by Charles Henry Parkinson.

In April 1923 it was bought for £4,600 by the All Saints Brewery Co. (Leicester) Ltd, although two years later, Walter Croghan was still shown as the brewer of the beer retailed. The pub closed at some time after 1940 when valued at £2,500, and the building is now used for selling parts for motorbikes.

However, the beam from which the sign once hung still protrudes from the frontage, albeit somewhat ravaged by the weather.