All Saints Brewery Co. (Leicester) Ltd

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Moon, Cock & Co
Watts & Son
Courtesy Andrew Cunningham
Courtesy Andrew Cunningham

All Saints' Brewery Co.(Leicester) Ltd

Offices at 21 Silver Street, Leicester

Brewery at 103 High Cross Street, Leicester

From 1805 to 1815 William Forrester was a brewer in High Cross Street and his address in 1818 was shown as the Brewery.

The 1826 poll book lists Robert Birkley as a brewer in Northgate Street, but this seems to have been his home address. In 1832-35 he was listed on High Cross Street as a brewer, maltster and spirits merchant. Richard Kirk was a partner in Kirk & Soar, hop and porter merchants in Silver Street, but in 1819 bankrupt at the Silver Street Porter Brewery.

Owned by Moon & Cock from the 1860s, then Cock & Langmore followed by Langmore & Bankart.

T G Cock was advertising in the Chronicle that he had succeeded the late J W Goodwin in High Cross and was trading as Goodwin, Cock & Co, All Saints Brewery.

Registered in September 1895 to acquire Langmore & Bankart, All Saints' Brewery and Watts & Son, wine and spirit merchants, Leicester. Brewing had ceased by 1917 with beer bought in from Leicester Brewing & Malting Co. Ltd.

Acquired by Ind Coope Ltd in March 1929 with 81 public houses.

The brewery was demolished in 2010.


Images of the brewery:

The brewery in 2008, shortly before demolition:

The Brewery Site in September 2011: