Hedgehog & Hogshead

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The Brighton Hedgehog
The Southampton Hedgehog
The Islington Hedgehog
The Islington Hedgehog

Hedgehog & Hogshead, Belchers Brewery Ltd, 100 Goldstone Villas, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex.

Brewing commenced 1990 ceased 2000.

Hedgehog & Hogshead, Highbury Corner, Islington, Greater London.

Brewing commenced 1995 ceased 1998.

Hedgehog & Hogshead, 163 University Road, Highfield, Southampton, Hampshire.

Brewing commenced 1990 ceased 1998.

Hedgehog & Hogshead, 2 High Street, Sutton, Surrey.

Brewing commenced 1995 ceased 1998.