Hedgehog & Hogshead

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The Brighton Hedgehog
The Southampton Hedgehog
The Islington Hedgehog
The Islington Hedgehog

Hedgehog & Hogshead, Belchers Brewery Ltd, 100 Goldstone Villas, Hove, East Sussex.

Established in the former Cliftonville pub (Grand Metropolitan) by David Bruce in July 1990, using an Inn Brewing kit. The "Bertie Belcher Brighton Brewery". Brewing ceased 2000.

Hedgehog & Hogshead, 163 University Road, Highfield, Southampton, Hampshire.

Brewing commenced 1990, ceased 1998.

Hedgehog & Hogshead, Highbury Corner, Islington, Greater London.

Brewing commenced 1995, ceased 1998.

Hedgehog & Hogshead, 2 High Street, Sutton, Surrey.

Brewing commenced 1995, ceased 1998.