Hall's Oxford Brewery Ltd

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Messrs. Hall’s Oxford Brewery Ltd., New Maltings, Brewers’ Journal 15th February 1904
The brewery site in 1982
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Hall's Oxford Brewery Ltd, Swan Brewery, 32-34 Park End Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire.

Founded by 1646 as the Swan Brewery, Paradise Garden. Acquired by William Hall 1795. Registered in December 1896 to acquire Hall & Co. From April 1899 all brewing was concentrated at the City Brewery.

Acquired with 300 tied houses by Allsopp & Sons Ltd in 1926 and brewing ceased.

The Hall's brand was retained for many years afterwards, and many of their houses featured four wall-mounted tiles with the 'Hare' trade mark.

Views of the brewery


Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 52,025
Description : Rowing eight
Date of Application : 15/8/1886
Used Prior to 1875? : NO