Guinness (Park Royal)

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Guinness Park Royal 1 (3).jpg

Arthur Guinness Son & Co. Ltd, Park Royal Brewery, London NW10.

Guinness operated this major brewery in West London from 1936 to supply the southern part of the UK.

The art deco brewery was designed by Alexander Gibb and Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, and was built between 1933 and 1936. Towards the end of its life, the large brewery was abandoned, and Guinness was brewed at a small modern brewery within the site.

The production of Guinness ceased here by 2005, and there were attempts to list the buildings, but listing was turned down by the Secretary of State. The entire brewery was demolished in 2006.

Various images of Park Royal Brewery:

BHS visit to Park Royal, 22 April 2005. By this time, the main brewery had closed, and virtually all plant removed.