Emma Burchnall

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Emma Burchnall, Cropston Brewery, Station Road, Cropston, Leicestershire.

In 1846, Ann Burchnall was listed as a brewer, farmer and landowner, but two years later was only described as a farmer. In 1855, Charles Burchnall was shown as a farmer and in 1875 Emma Burchnall was listed as a farmer, and also shown as a brewer two years later.

What may have started out as only a farm brewery, at some point became a commercial concern, since in Wright’s 1881 directory there was an advertisement for Mrs Emma Birchnall as a Maltster, Brewer and dealer in hops:- Casks from 4½ gallons upwards of Mild, Bitter and Porter at 1/-, 1/2, 1/4, 1/6. In 1891/2 Mrs Emma Burchnall was still listed as a commercial brewer (F1284). In 1881, William Dexter had kept a pub in the village called the Brewer’s Arms, opposite the Bradgate Arms, but it is not known if there was any connection and it was owned by Pettifors, Anstey in 1896.

However, there do seem to be family connections with the Burchnalls brewing at Anstey.