Edwin Popplewell Dawson

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Edwin Popplewell Dawson & Co, Moor Street Brewery, 91 Moor Street, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire

The Moor Street Brewery, or Sun Brewery was built in 1863 at the rear of the Robin Hood beerhouse, and owned by John Dickinson, William Nicholls and Edward Seymour Stone. It traded as Dickinson & Company; later as Nicholls & Stone. Acquired by Benjamin Dawson Jnr in 1872, and it became Edwin Popplewell Dawson & Co.

In 1889, they merged with H J Buckmaster & Co of Lincoln, and Hugh Berks Bell of Boston, to form Burton & Lincoln Breweries Ltd.

Brewing ceased at Moor Street in 1896 when the business was included in the Albion Brewery (Burton-on-Trent) Ltd.

Moor Street Brewery sold to Briggs & Co. brewers engineers 1900. No buildings survive.