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Edward Tucker, 71-73 Chalk Farm Road, Camden, Greater London.

In 1861 patent No 775. was granted to Louis Jean Vandecasteele of Lille for the invention of “improvements in brewing”. In 1866 Mr Vanderasteele trading as the Bavarian Brewery, at the foot of Haverstock Hill.

When sold in 1867 it had been entirely renovated. It became Tucker’s Chalk Farm Brewery.

The brew house is the former Belmont pub, latterly “Bartok” on the NW corner of Chalk Farm Road and Belmont Street, with the attached buildings behind.

From the Brewery History Society Newsletter Number 58

In November 1855 Wm Barker jun was bankrupt at the Albion Brewery, Hampstead Road, Haverstock Hill, with debts of £1000 and the brewery was to be sold. John Robertson, having fled Edinburgh where he had been fined £5900 for illegally operating a still, had assumed the name Mr Ewin. He had taken the Albion and was operating it as the Chalk Farm Brewery; however, a raid by the Excise found him operating yet another illegal still on the premises.

In 1861 patent No775 to Louis Jean Vandecasteele, of the city of Lille, France, brewer, for the invention of “improvements in brewing”. In 1866 a Mr Vanderasteele was trading as the Bavarian Brewery, at the foot of Haverstock Hill. Louis Vandecasteele was also associated with the Old Shirley Brewery, Southampton.

Then “M Vandecastelli” was at the Bavarian Brewery, until for sale 20th September 1866, situated at the foot of Haverstock Hill, on the corner of Belmont Street opposite the station. Partially rebuilt and held on a 22 year lease £80 pa worth £250 pa. Also shown as Vanderasteele. When sold, in April 1867, it had been entirely renovated and worth £290pa.

In October 1866 Edward Tucker was a bankrupt brewer at Chalk Farm. In 1869 FE Tucker was bankrupt and there was mention of a court case ‘Wolff vs Vandersee’ concerning a sale of 20th September 1866. In July 1866 a Lewis Vandecasteele’s partnership was dissolved with Wm Newnham Winstanley at the Shirley Brewery, Southampton.

It became Tucker’s Chalk Farm Brewery, at 71-3 Chalk Farm Road, described as a 6qtr plant.