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Deasy & Co. Ltd, Emmett Square, Clonakilty, Co Cork, Ireland.

Founded by Richard Deasy 1800. Acquired by Travers, Canty & Wright 1880. Registered 1894. Brewing ceased 31st January 1940 and porter was supplied by Guinness.

Later used as a broiler chicken factory and now housing.

There is a plaque to mark the restoration of the brewery chimney; however, the brewery bar has closed and the etched windows have been removed.

From the Brewery history society Journal Number 91

The brewery was established in 1800 by Richard Deasy.

It became a limited liability company in 1880 in the hands of Messrs. Travers, Canty & Wright, brewers of both ale and porter. The latter branded "The Wrestler" became famous in their West Cork market. Owing to the shortages that occurred during the Second World War, Deasys were forced to close their brewery in 1942, when Messrs Guinness agreed to supply them with porter.

An assortment of images of the brewery