Crown Brewery (Ryhall)

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Crown Brewery, Crown Street, Ryhall, near Stamford, Leicestershire/Lincolnshire.

In 1870, Thomas Mee, a tailor, lived at what was called the Crown Brewery, but neither he, nor the address, were listed five years leter. The maltings on Essendine Hill were still used by Harts of Stamford in 1912, but in 1922 Malting House in the village was a private residence, whilst the Crown Inn was owned by Smiths of Oundle, as a result of their purchase of Bean and Molesworths of Ketton in 1900 (see W Bean & Co). The Crown had been valued at £400 in 1900, when it included a carpenter’s shop and smithy, with the address shown as Crown Street. It was still trading in 1979.

In addition, Sismore and Gann operated as maltsters in 1846, whilst the Sismore family ran the Green Dragon. There are buildings at the rear of the pub, which could have been the old brewhouse and maltings.

The village is now included within Lincolnshire.