Chester Northgate Brewery & the Anglo-Bavarian Brewery

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Chester Northgate Brewery Co. Ltd and the Anglo-Bavarian Brewery Co. Ltd

Source: Chester Northgate Brewery Co Ltd, minutes of board meetings 1947-57 – Cheshire Archives and Local Studies, reference DGB 5928/618

The Chester Northgate Brewery board meeting of 26 August 1947 was told that ‘a quantity of Pale Ale had been obtained from the Anglo Bavarian Brewery Co. Ltd at Shepton Mallet and that it was to be considered if the Company should enter into a Contract to the end of 1947 for regular supplies as had been asked for by the representative of the Anglo Bavarian Brewery when he called upon [head brewer] Mr. Grey and [managing director] Mr. Cookson’. It was decided to order 40 barrels and to ask for a contract to the end of the year ‘to contain conditions that supplies should be as good as the trial samples already received and that the Contract would be subject to no Government interference preventing deliveries being made over such a distance as was involved’.

(Unsuccessful attempts were also made at this time to several London brewers for supplies of Mild Ales.)

At the board meeting of 14 October 1947, it was reported that the Anglo-Bavarian Brewery Co. Ltd had asked if Chester Northgate would consider taking 50 barrels a week for 12 months, when a price reduction could be arranged. It was decided to ‘confirm the arrangement whereby the Company is to take 200 Brls up to 31st December’ and to reconsider the matter in December.

The board meeting of 19 December 1947 was then informed that negotiations were in hand regarding the possibility of obtaining Mild Beer at a suitable price as opposed to the Bitter Beer obtained at present.

At the board meeting of 30 January 1948, however, it was reported that no arrangements had been made with Anglo Bavarian for a supply of beer for 1948, and it seems that that was the end of the matter.