Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Ltd

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Georges old advert.jpg
Seen in Clapton. Courtesy Roy Denison
Jolly Sailor, Hanham (photo Bank House Kennels)
Post Office Tavern, Westbury 2009
Post Office Tavern, Westbury 2009
London Inn, Bedminster (photo Andy Hooker)
Rose & Crown, Burchells Green (photo Bank House Kennels)
Bristol Georges 1957 -21.jpg
Courage Bristol 1968.jpg
Trade Mark Entry (19).jpg

Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Ltd, Old Porter Brewery, Bath Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire.

Brewing on the site since at least 1702. Isaac Hobhouse established a substantial porter brewery in the 1730s, and was later joined by Philip George. Georges & Ricketts in 1816. Registered as above February 1888. Acquired by Courage, Barclay & Simonds Ltd in 1961 with 1,459 tied houses. Known as 'Courage (Western) Ltd' for a while.

Brewery closed 1999. Some buildings remain but most of the brewery site has been redeveloped for housing and commercial uses.

Various images of the brewery:

From the collection of Roy Denison


George's Brewery in 2004:

George's Brewery in 2007. Courtesy "Watneys Red Barrel":

George's Brewery in 2015:

George's Brewery, April 2017:

A selection of labels issued by the brewery: