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Brewster's Brewery Company Ltd, Penn Lane, Stathern, Leicestershire.

Brewster is the old English term for a female brewer. The brewery was started in January 1998, by Sara Barton who was trained at Herriot Watt, Edinburgh and then worked for Courage for 3 years. It uses a 5 barrel plant from the closed Wylye Valley Brewery in Wiltshire.

It is located on her father’s farm, with a capacity of 10-15 barrels a week, with two fermenters and three conditioning tanks. The current production is about 5 barrels per week, with 100% natural ingredients including malt from the traditional floor maltings at Beeston. The current range, with descriptions from the brewster is as follows:-

  • Marquis 3.8% session bitter light maltiness balanced by a dry hoppy finish.
  • Bitter 4.28% premium pale ale well-balanced red ale with nutty malty character and an aromatic hop flavour from a mixture of Fuggles, Goldings and Northdown hops.
  • Vale Pale Ale 4.5% premium pale ale brewed with amber malt.
  • Golden Ale with a subtle biscuit malt flavour and citrus hop notes from the Northdown, Goldings and Cascade hops used.
  • Monty’s Mild 4% full bodied dark mild made with a blend of pale, chocolate and crystal malts as well as torrified wheat. Lightly hopped with Progress hops.

The latter was named after the brewery dog! There is also a range of seasonal brew such as Stocking 5%, the winter brew made from a mix of speciality barley malts and oat malt for extra body. They also produce Frau Brau a 5% cask-conditioned lager.

The village pubs the Plough and the Red Lion are worth trying for the beers. There is also an old maltings in the village at SK772308.

In 2006 moved to Grantham.

Brewster’s Brewery Co Ltd, Unit 5 Burnside, Turnpike Close, Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Brewing commenced 1998 at Stathern. Moved to above address in 2006.