Belgrave Brewery Co. Ltd

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A label. Courtesy of Keith Osborne
Messrs, Deane & Lewis, New (Belgrave) Brewery, Southall, Middlesex. Brewers’ Journal 15th October 1901

Belgrave Brewery Co. Ltd, Wellington Road North, Hounslow, Middlesex

(London Borough of Hounslow)

Registered December 1879. Voluntary liquidation 10th February 1883 and was voluntarily wound up March 1885.

C A Walter & Co. recorded here in 1888.

Registered as the Hounslow Brewery Co. Ltd. in 1891 and wound up April 1895.

Registered as the New Hounslow Brewery Co. Ltd, in May 1896.

Deane & Lewis, built a new brewery in 1901. Bankrupt February 1907 and the brewery and 6 public houses were offered for sale in the following month.

Ended with Thurston, Hill & Co. becoming bankrupt in 1913.