Woolf Brothers Ltd

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Woolf Brothers Ltd, Ballaughton Brewery, Douglas, Isle of Man.

About 1880, Edward Samuel Woolf acquired the Castle Hill Brewery (Douglas). The Woolf family brewed as Woolf's Ltd in Crewe, Cheshire.

In February 1889, registered as Woolf’s Brewery & Mineral Water Co Ltd, who acquired mills at Ballaughton, which they converted into a brewery, inaugurated in November 1889.

(Then briefly owned by Thomas Kewley, bottler and wine and spirit merchant.) (?)

On 24 June 1899, The Isle of Man Breweries Ltd, of Douglas, was formed to acquire Woolf's Brewery, the Castletown Brewery, and the Ramsey Brewery.

Following liquidation of the new company, Woolf's Brewery was closed, and the company was acquired by Boddingtons of Manchester in 1904.