Wintle's Brewery Ltd

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Forest Mitchleldean.jpg
An advert from 1910

Wintle's Brewery Ltd, Forest Steam Brewery, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire

The brewery was built in about 1869. In March 1923 Francis Wintle, then aged 55, put the family business up for auction. The brewery and its 72 tied houses were sold to Mr K O Homfray for £175,000. In September 1923, Mr Homfray became managing director trading as Wintle's Brewery Co Ltd.

In March 1930, when sold to Cheltenham Original Brewery Co. Ltd with 72 pubs, for a sum in the region of £250,000, Mr Homfray relinquished his position of Managing Director. Brewing probably ceased with the purchase. After the war, the buildings were a Xerox factory, which closed 2010. Parts are now residential, but in 2012 the Bespoke Brewing micro started at Unit 5, The Mews.

An assortment of images of the brewery

Wintle jug PP.jpg

Courtesy Peter Perry

Courtesy Paul Hathaway