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The brewery was sold to [[Brain & Co. Ltd]] in 1999.
The brewery was sold to [[Brain & Co. Ltd]] in 1999.
'''[[List of William Hancock & Co Ltd Pubs]]'''
'''The brewery in 1993'''
'''The brewery in 1993'''

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Hancocks Cardiff b&w.jpg
The brewery in 1997
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Butchers Arms, Llandaff

William Hancock & Co. Ltd, Crawshay Street, Cardiff, Glamorgan.

William Hancock, brewer of Wiveliscombe, Somerset, (see William Hancock & Sons (Wiveliscombe) Ltd), bought the Bute Dock Brewery of North and Low in 1884. Registered 7th July 1887.

Acquired the County Brewery in Crawshay Street in 1894 from F S Lock and moved from the Bute Dock Brewery.

Acquired by Bass Charrington Ltd in 1968 with 505 tied houses and became Welsh Brewers and then Bass Wales.

The brewery was sold to Brain & Co. Ltd in 1999.

List of William Hancock & Co Ltd Pubs

The brewery in 1993

The brewery in 1995

Playing cards and labels

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 515,682
Description : Words "VINELIX"
Date of Application : 02/01/1931
Used Prior to 1870? : NO