William Butler & Co Ltd pubs elsewhere in the Black Country

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William Butler & Co Ltd pubs elsewhere in the Black Country

William Butler & Co. Ltd

(Pubs marked (a) are premises acquired from J A & A Thompson, Maltsters of Oldbury)


  1. Barrel, Mill Street, Bilston
  2. Bird in Hand, High Street, Bilston
  3. Board Inn, Church Street, Bilston
  4. Britannia, Hall Green Road, Bradley, Bilston
  5. British Oak, Wesley Street, Bradley, Bilston
  6. Brown Lion, Oxford Street, Bilston
  7. Bulls Head, High Street, Bilston
  8. Cricketers Arms, Church Street, Bilston
  9. Cross Guns, Hartshorn Street, Bilston (closed 1957)
  10. Crown, Bank Street, Bradley, Bilston
  11. Duke of Cambridge, Cambridge Street, Bilston
  12. Foresters Arms, Walsall Street, Bilston
  13. Golden Cup, High Street, Bilston
  14. Himley Arms, Dudley Street, Bilston (closed 1964)
  15. Kings Head, Broad Street, Bilston
  16. Lion Hotel, Church Street, Bilston
  17. Lord Nelson, Bridge Street, Bilston
  18. Malt Shovel, Oxford Street, Bilston
  19. Market Tavern, Church Street, Bilston
  20. Prince of Wales, Queen Street, Bilston
  21. Prince of Wales, Highfield Road, Bradley, Bilston
  22. Red Lion, Dudley Road, Bilston
  23. Royal George, Church Street, Bilston
  24. Samson & Lion, Greencroft, Bilston, closed 1924 and replaced by:
  25. Samson & Lion, Newbolt Road, Bilston
  26. Seven Stars, High Street, Bilston
  27. Ship & Rainbow, Oxford Street, Bilston
  28. Star & Garter, Salop Street, Bradley, Bilston
  29. Swan Inn, Bank Street, Bradley, Bilston
  30. Talbot, Oxford Street, Bilston
  31. Villiers Arms, Villiers Square, Bilston
  32. Vine inn, Vine Street, Bilston (a)
  33. Waggon & Horses, Oxford Street, Bilston (closed 1961)
  34. West End Stores (off- licence), Broad Street, Bilston
  35. White Lion, Temple Street, Bilston (ex- Old Wolverhampton Breweries Ltd.)
  36. White Rose, Church Street, Bilston
  37. Off-licence, 64 Green Lane, Bilston


  1. Beerhouse, Heathfield Lane, Darlaston
  2. Black Horse, Pinfold Street, Darlaston
  3. Castle Inn, Foster Street, Darlaston
  4. Duke of York, Dangerfield Lane, Darlaston (ex- Northampton Brewery Co. Ltd.)
  5. Golden Cup, Willenhall Street, Darlaston
  6. Green Man, Willenhall Road, Darlaston
  7. Greyhound, Cross Street, Darlaston
  8. Herberts Park Tavern, Forge Road, Darlaston
  9. Lord Nelson, Bentley Road, Darlaston
  10. Mineborers Arms, Catherine’s Cross, Darlaston
  11. Nelson Inn with brewhouse, Catherine’s Cross, Darlaston
  12. Old Bush, Bush Street, Darlaston
  13. Old Crown, Cramp Hill, Darlaston
  14. Queens Head, King Street, Darlaston
  15. Red Lion, Church Street, Darlaston
  16. Swan Inn with brewhouse, Victoria Road, Darlaston
  17. Three Horseshoes, Pinfold Street, Darlaston
  18. White Lion, King Street, Darlaston
  19. Off-licence, 33 Willenhall Street, Darlaston


  1. Angel, Castle Street, Dudley
  2. Britannia, Hall Street, Dudley (Ex Frederick Smith Ltd, Birmingham)
  3. Castle & Falcon, Wolverhampton Street, Dudley
  4. Dog & Partridge, Cromwell Street, Kates Hill, Dudley (closed 1955)
  5. Duke of Wellington, Wolverhampton Street, Dudley
  6. Empire Tavern, Hall Street, Dudley (closed 1939)
  7. Jolly Collier, The Square, Woodside, Dudley
  8. Locomotive, Vicar Street, Dudley
  9. Mazeppa Inn, Campbell Street, Dudley (closed 1931)
  10. Miners Arms, 98 Salop Street, Dudley. A former brew-pub. See: Miners Arms (Dudley)
  11. Old Bush Inn, Pedmore Road, Woodside, Dudley
  12. Railway Tavern, Trindle Road, Dudley
  13. Railway Vaults, Market Street, Dudley
  14. Rose, Lupin Street, Dudley (opened 1938)
  15. Royal Oak, Salop Street, Dudley
  16. Selbourne, Selbourne Road, Dudley
  17. Shoulder of Mutton, Dixons Green Road, Dudley
  18. Victoria Inn, Dudley Wood Road, Dudley
  19. Waggon & Horses, Hall Street, Dudley


  1. Brickmakers Arms, Church Bridge, Oldbury
  2. Builders Arms, Portway Road, Oldbury
  3. Dog & Pheasant, Flash Road, Oldbury (a)
  4. Fountain Inn, Stone Street, Oldbury (a)
  5. Malt Shovel, Low Street, Oldbury (a)
  6. Maltings, Orchard Street, Oldbury (a)
  7. Maltings, Stone Street, Oldbury (a)
  8. New Inn, Birchfield Lane, Oldbury
  9. Old House at Home (rebuilt by M&B as the Heron), 172 Broadwell Road, Oldbury
  10. Old Talbot, Birmingham Street, Oldbury
  11. Phoenix, Lion Farm Estate, Oldbury
  12. Rose & Crown, Popes Lane, Oldbury (a)
  13. Royal Exchange, Tat Bank, Oldbury (a)
  14. Wheatsheaf, Tat Bank Road, Oldbury
  15. White Horse, Church Street, Oldbury (a)


  1. Bell Hotel, Dudley Port, Tipton
  2. Britannia, Owen Street, Tipton (Ex Atkinson’s Brewery Ltd)
  3. Brown Lion, Coneygree Road, Tipton
  4. Cape Hotel, Chapel Street, Tipton
  5. Castle Inn, Castle Street / High Street, Tipton
  6. Court House, Lower Church Street, Tipton
  7. Golden Lion, Princes End, Tipton
  8. Jolly Brewer, Burnt Tree, Tipton
  9. Leopard Inn, Horseley Heath, Tipton
  10. Miners Arms, Owen Street, Tipton
  11. Old Kings Head, Dudley Road, Tipton
  12. Queens Head, Bell Street, Tipton
  13. Seven Stars, Sheepwash Lane, Tipton
  14. Star, Bloomfield Road, Tipton (Ex Atkinson’s Brewery Ltd, Birmingham)
  15. Swan, Lower Church Lane, Tipton
  16. Three Furnaces, Furnace Parade, Tipton
  17. Tibbington, Central Avenue, Tipton
  18. Tipton Arms, Baker Street, Tipton
  19. Vine, Horseley Heath, Tipton (Ex Atkinson’s Brewery Ltd, Birmingham)
  20. Waggon & Horses, Great Bridge Street, Tipton


  1. Beerhouse, Windmill Street, Wednesbury
  2. Boat Inn, Lea Brook Road, Wednesbury (a)
  3. Borough Arms, Cobden Street, Fallings Heath, Wednesbury
  4. Coronation, Friar Park Road, Wednesbury (opened 1937)
  5. Cottage, Wood Green, Wednesbury
  6. Crown, Albert Street, Wednesbury
  7. Foresters Arms, Oxford Street, Newton, Wednesbury
  8. Grapes, Upper High Street, Wednesbury
  9. Green Dragon, Market Place, Wednesbury
  10. Horse & Jockey, Franchise Street, Wednesbury
  11. Moulders Arms, High Street, Moxley, Wednesbury
  12. Nags Head, High Street, Wednesbury
  13. Old Blue Ball, Hall End, Wednesbury
  14. Old Park Hotel, Darlaston Road, Wednesbury
  15. Pack Horse, Dudley Street, Wednesbury
  16. Prince Regent, Victoria Street, Wednesbury
  17. Railway, Great Western Street, Wednesbury
  18. Rose & Crown, Kings Hill, Wednesbury (a)
  19. Rose & Crown, High Street, Moxley, Wednesbury
  20. Rose Inn, Union Street, Wednesbury
  21. Royal Exchange, High Street, Wednesbury (ex- Atkinson’s Brewery Ltd., Birmingham)
  22. Spread Eagle, Portway Road, Wednesbury
  23. Three Tuns, Union Street, Wednesbury
  24. Vine Inn, Alma Street, Wednesbury
  25. White Horse, Lower High Street, Wednesbury
  26. Woodman, Wood Green, Wednesbury
  27. Off-licence, 157 Dangerfield Lane, Wednesbury
  28. Off-licence, 38 Dangerfield Lane, Wednesbury
  29. Off-licence, 90 Franchise Street, Wednesbury
  30. Off-licence, 143 Hydes Road, Wednesbury

West Bromwich

  1. Beehive, Brickhouse Lane, West Bromwich
  2. British Oak, Hawkes Lane, Hill Top, West Bromwich
  3. Bulls Head, Bull Lane, West Bromwich
  4. Cottage Spring, Oldbury Road, West Bromwich
  5. Globe, Reform Street, West Bromwich
  6. Golden Cup, Great Bridge Street, Swan Village, West Bromwich
  7. Golden Lion, Hall Green Road, West Bromwich
  8. Golden Lion, Witton Lane, West Bromwich
  9. Hipkiss off-licence, Jervoise Street, West Bromwich
  10. Horse Shoe, High Street, West Bromwich
  11. Maltings, Chapel Street, West Bromwich (a)
  12. Miners Arms, Bagnall Street, Golds Green, West Bromwich
  13. Old Crown, Harvills Hawthorn, West Bromwich (a)
  14. Pheasant, Horton Street / Albert Street, West Bromwich
  15. Roebuck, Old Meeting Street, West Bromwich
  16. Rose & Crown, Golds Green, West Bromwich
  17. Roway Inn, Oldbury Road, West Bromwich
  18. Royal Exchange, Hill Top, Golds Green, West Bromwich (a)
  19. Star & Garter, High Street, West Bromwich. See: Star & Garter, West Bromwich
  20. Talbot, Queen Street, West Bromwich
  21. Three Crowns, Great Bridge Street, Swan Village, West Bromwich (a)
  22. Three Horse Shoes, Witton Lane, West Bromwich
  23. Off-licence, 34-36 William Street, West Bromwich


  1. Bird in Hand, Springbank, Willenhall
  2. Castle Inn, New Road, Willenhall
  3. County, Walsall Street, Willenhall
  4. Cross Inn, Cannon Street, Willenhall
  5. Grapes Tavern, Wood Street, Willenhall
  6. Grapes, Moseley Road, Portobello, Willenhall
  7. Junction, Shepwell Green, Willenhall
  8. Kings Head, Wolverhampton Street, Willenhall
  9. Lion Hotel, Upper Lichfield Street, Willenhall
  10. Minerva Inn, Doctors Piece, Willenhall
  11. Neptune, Bilston Road, Willenhall
  12. Old Crown, Union Street, Willenhall
  13. Railway Tavern, Bilston Street, Willenhall
  14. Rising Sun, Mill Street, Willenhall
  15. Saracens Head, Bloxwich Road, Willenhall
  16. Summer House, Clemson Street, Willenhall
  17. Swan, Lane Head, Willenhall
  18. Talbot, Market Place, Willenhall
  19. Three Furnaces Inn, Stringes Lane, Willenhall
  20. Windsor Castle, Wednesbury Road, Willenhall
  21. Woodman, Acorn Street, Willenhall
  22. Off-licence, 75 Stringes Lane, Willenhall

Other parts of the Black Country

  1. Albion, Lichfield Road, Wednesfield (Ex Millward Brothers, Wednesbury)
  2. Angel, Priestfield, Ettingshall
  3. Ashes, Showell Road, Gorsebrook
  4. Beerhouse, Aldersley Road, Tettenhall
  5. Beerhouse, John Street, Priestfield, Ettingshall
  6. Bridge, Ettingshall Road, Ettingshall
  7. Bulls Head, Catchems Corner, Ettingshall
  8. Corngreaves Hotel, Corngreaves Road, Cradley Heath (a)
  9. Crown, The Wergs, Tettenhall
  10. Dog & Partridge, Brettell Lane, Amblecote
  11. Foley Arms, Enville Street / Short Street, Stourbridge (a)
  12. Fountain inn, Hagley Road, Stourbridge
  13. Fountain, Victoria Road, Quarry Bank (a)
  14. Fountain, Victoria Street, Quarry Bank (Ex Daniel Batham & Son Ltd, Brierley Hill)
  15. Gate Hangs Well, High Park Avenue, Wollaston, Stourbridge (Ex Atkinsons Brewery Ltd, Birmingham)
  16. Gate Inn, Oldbury Road, Rowley Regis
  17. Great Western, Bradley Lane, Prince’s End, Sedgley
  18. Greyhound, King William Street, Amblecote
  19. Greyhound, March End, Wednesfield
  20. Horeseshoe, Station Road, Old Hill (a)
  21. Horse & Jockey, Mogul Lane, Netherend, Cradley
  22. Leopard, Summer Street, Kingswinford
  23. Miners Arms, Hurst Road, Coseley
  24. Mitre, Lower Green, Tettenhall
  25. New Crown, Nordley Hill, Wednesfield
  26. Off-licence, 1-3 Upper Street, Tettenhall
  27. Off-licence, 34 Neachells Lane, Wednesfield
  28. Off-licence, 52 Ward Street, Coseley
  29. Old Bush, New Road, Great Bridge
  30. Painters Arms, Avenue Road, Coseley (acquired 1928 by Holden’s Brewery Ltd, Woodsetton)
  31. Pilot, Green Lane, Aldersley, near Wolverhampton
  32. Red Cow, Belper Row, Darby End, Netherton
  33. Red Cow, Darby End, Netherton (a)
  34. Red Lion, 2 Lion Street, Stourbridge. See: Red Lion (Stourbridge)
  35. Red Lion, Amos Lane, Wednesfield (opened 1938)
  36. Red Lion, Castle Street, Coseley (a)
  37. Red Lion, George Street, Priestfield, Ettingshall
  38. Red Lion, High Street, Wednesfield (Ex Johnson & Phipps Ltd, Brierley Hill)
  39. Red Lion, Northfield Road, Netherton
  40. Reindeer, Cradley Road, Netherton (closed 1938)
  41. Robin Hood, High Street, Cradley
  42. Robin Hood, High Street, Cradley
  43. Royal Oak, High Street, Lye (Ex Daniel Batham & Sons Ltd, Brierley Hill)
  44. Royal Oak, Rookery Street, Wednesfield
  45. Shrubbery Cottage, Heath Lane, Oldswinford
  46. Staffordshire Knot, Birmingham New Road, Coseley
  47. Swan, John Street, Priestfield, Ettingshall
  48. Talbot, New Street, Wednesfield
  49. Waggon & Horses, Broad Lane, Ladymoor, Sedgley
  50. Waterloo, Hagley Road, Oldswinford
  51. Wheatsheaf, Wordsley (Ex Atkinson’s Brewery Ltd, Birmingham)