Whitbread Luton

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The brewery in the 1970s

Whitbread Luton, Oakley Road, Luton, Bedfordshire

This massive new brewery was opened by Whitbread & Co. Ltd in May 1969.

When Oakley Road opened, News from Whitbreads stated "The new Whitbread Brewery at Luton is the largest fully-automated brewery in Europe. The brainchild of Colonel W H Whitbread, Chairman of the Company, it is the first complete major brewery, capable of producing a variety of beers, to be built in Britain for over 30 years".

The opening of this brewery resulted in the closure of J W Green's (Flowers Breweries Ltd) brewery in the centre of Luton.

In June 1984, Whitbread News announced the plant's closure, just fifteen years after it opened. The site has been redeveloped, partly as an Asda superstore.