Watkins, Jameson, Pim & Co Ltd

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Watkins, Jameson, Pim & Co Ltd, Ardee Street Brewery, Dublin.

Established long previous to 1900. Present firm formed by the amalgamation of Joseph Watkins & Co. and Jameson, Pim & Co. Ltd.

Incorporated as a Limited Company in 1905. Directors: A. E. Darley, W. K. Darley, E. A. Trouton, W. B. Stanley. Secretary: E. R. Read.

Premises: Believed to occupy the site of a Monastery of St. Thomas, which was suppressed by Henry VIII. (There was a Brewhouse on the spot in those days, in which the monks brewed their own beer.) Specialities: High-class Stouts for Bottling and Draught; also Ales and Beers. Connection: United Kingdom chiefly. Exporters of Stout in bottle to the Colonies. Royal Warrant: Brewers to His Majesty King George in Ireland. Telephone: No. 341 Dublin. Telegraphic Address: " Watkins, Dublin."