Waller's Bradford Brewery Ltd

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Messrs. Waller & Son Ltd., Trafalgar Brewery, Bradford, Yorkshire. Pneumatic Maltings, Offices & Stores. 15th January 1908
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Waller's Bradford Brewery Ltd, Trafalgar Brewery, 24 Trafalgar Street, Manningham Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Brewery erected in 1853 for C.Waller & Co. Registered September 1887 as Waller & Son Ltd.

The brewery was sold to the Midland Railway in 1914 and brewing was transferred to Brear & Brown Ltd's Hipperholme Brewery. Plant for sale July 1917. Re-registered as Waller's Bradford Brewery Ltd in June 1925. Acquired by Leeds & Wakefield Breweries Ltd. in 1935.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 96,333
Description : Ox & W&S monogram
Date of Application : 7/3/1890
Used Prior to 1875? : NO