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* '''[[List of W H Complin & Co pubs]]'''
* '''[[List of W H Complin & Co pubs]]'''
* '''[[The Cobden Bridge Brewery]]'''

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W H Complin & Co, Cobden Bridge Brewery, Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire.

The Complin family brewed at Holybourne, Hampshire from the early 18th century. See: Walter Complin (Holybourne). The Complins acquired the Old Shirley Brewery (trading as Bass and Company), Romsey Road, Shirley in 1886, and this was run by Walter Henry Complin.

Finding they needed a larger brewery, Walter Henry Complin acquired the Bitterne site in 1889, and constructed a new brick-built brewery which opened the following year.

Acquired by Fuller, Smith & Turner Ltd 1898. For sale as a going concern in 1903, with modern 4 qtr steam plant and brewing probably ceased in 1914.

The public houses were sold to Courage & Co. Ltd in 1920, and beer was supplied from Courage's Alton brewery.

The site was then used for storage and yards until 1984, when the brewery buildings were demolished.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 157,388

Description  : Label design with a bittern
Date of Application  : 4/7/1891

Used Prior to 1870?  : NO