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W.& G.Weller, Amersham Brewery, Church Street, Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

Founded in the 17th century.

Acquired by Benskins Ltd. 1929 with 142 tied houses.

Now known as Badminton Court with the brewery stables opposite.

Badminton Court conversion


Information from a Sale Catalogue held in Uxbridge Reference Library dated 15th September, 1929.

The firm of Messrs W & G Weller has been established for over 150 years and has been in uninterrupted and successful occupation by the family for the whole of this time. The business was started in High Wycombe a few years previous to the year 1771, at which date the “Old Church Brewery” at Amersham was purchased. As to the origin of the latter there is no authentic record. The present proprietor, Mr George Weller, has been concerned in it for 64 years.

In many instances the licensed properties are situated in districts which were until comparatively recently, quite rural, but with the advent and ever increasing services of the Metropolitan Railway and the Great Central Railway, have become thriving and rapidly developing districts and in some cases almost suburbs of London from which the Brewery itself is situated only 24 miles distant.

A large number of the tenants have been in occupation for a great number of years, in many cases as much as thirty years and even fifty years in one case. In fact, in a few instances Messrs Weller's have had two and even three generations of the same family as tenants in some of their licensed properties. These facts emphasise abundantly the happy relationship existing between the firm and their tenants over a great number of years. All the licensed properties are of freehold tenure with the exception of ten which are leasehold and all are situated within easy delivery radius of the Brewery.

No original rents have been increased to sitting tenants however long they have been in possession of the licensed properties.

The fixed 20 quarter Brewery Plant and all the fixtures of the brewery and all the casks, jars, bottles, loose plant, and rolling stock upon the Brewery premises and at the licensed premises as per inventory or copy inventory which can be inspected at either of the offices of the auctioneers and all such fixtures at the licensed houses as are the property of the vendor and the goodwill of the business will be included in the sale. The purchaser will be required to purchase and pay for on the day of completion all Stock in trade at the Brewery (stock of malt not to exceed four hundred quarters, and hops not to exceed forty packets) by valuation, in the usual way.

All the various properties are sold subject to any Right of Way and other easements (if any) belonging to and existing over the same and also to any existing tenancies, agreements or leases. In all cases with the exception of about eight, the tenants undertake, either by the original tenancy agreement or a supplemental agreement, to purchase all beers from Messrs W & G Weller or their nominee. In the remaining eight cases, the occupiers hold on short tenancies and, in fact, do purchase all beer from Messrs W & G Weller or their nominees. Schedule of the licensed houses showing barrelage can be obtained from the Auctioneer.

Messrs W & G Weller paid last year £68.19.9 in respect of tithe rent charge, and £74.18.2 in respect of Land Tax in connection with various licensed properties. Land Tax, payable in respect of unlicensed properties £13.8.10, and also Quit Rents amounting to £7.1.2.