Tipperary, London EC4

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Tipperary, 66 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1HT

Reputedly (information from a plaque attached to the pub), this pub was built as the 'Bulls Head' in 1605 and was taken over by Dublin brewer S G Mooney & Son in about 1700. At the entrance is a slate floor slab with 'MOONEYS', and inside, several historic advertisements.

<gallery> File:LondonEC4Tipperary_Tris_Aug2018.jpg|Photo from Tris, August 2018 File:LondonEC4TipperaryBoard_Tris_Aug2018.jpg|Photo from Tris, August 2018 File:LondonEC4Tipperary23_SP_041218.jpg|Photo from SP, December 2018 <gallery>