Thomas Crane (Kegworth)

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Thomas Crane, Market Place / London Road, Kegworth, Leicestershire.

From 1828 to 1835, Thomas Crane was a brewer in London Road, whilst Charles Crane was at the Three Cranes, previously kept by Robert Crane. The latter had also stood surety for the landlords of the Board and the Horse and Groom in 1826.

Around 1843, James Birtchnell was advertising the Kegworth Ale and Porter vaults at the Market Place in Leicester. This would suggest that the Crane family, or someone else, was operating as common brewers supplying the area.

In 1846, Thomas was shown as an ale and porter brewer, when John Crane was at the pub. Thomas was not listed for 1848 and seems to have moved to an off-licence in Carley Street, Leicester, and at some point to the Brunswick Brewery (Leicester).

From 1848 to 1855, the Old Three Cranes in the Market Place was kept by Robert Crane and then again by John Crane. The only entry in Kegworth after this date was for Richard Crane as a shopkeeper in London Road. In 1863, John Adcock was at the Cranes, but in 1884 his name would seem to be shown as Allcock.

The Cranes’ brewery is thought to have stood opposite the pub in the Market Place and it seems likely that it was then bought by Sydney Wells & Sons.

The Old Three Cranes, later a Sydney Wells house, was still trading in 1913. However, the licence lapsed on 5th January 1925, after it had been compensated for £855, and in the March the building was sold for £375.