The first canned beer in Britain

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From: the Brewers’ Journal April 15 1936

Britain’s first canned beer

Following upon successful experiments carried out by the Felinfoel Brewery Co. Ltd, Llanelli, the beer can came into the realm of practical business last month, and according to latest reports the development is meeting with striking results in West Wales, where the cans have achieved notable popularity.

Felinfoel can.jpg

The initial experiment was carried out by the Felinfoel Brewery some months ago, when quantities of beer were canned for the first time in this country.

The problem of keeping the beer in perfect condition has been solved by the introduction of an internal lining to the cans. This consists first of a special lacquer which covers the tinplate while to make assurance doubly sure a coating of wax which will withstand pasteurisation temperatures is sprayed over the entire inner surface when the cans are completed.

While it is not anticipated that beer canning will become an immediate commercial success from the point of view of the brewing industry it is realised that universal development of the system will not only prove if great economic value to the trade but will help the tinplate industry.

It is computed that at the present rate of beer consumption 500,000,000 cans would be necessary to meet the demand if beer canning were generally adopted in this country.