Tadcaster Tower Brewery Co. Ltd

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Tadcaster Tower.jpg
Courtesy Roy Denison
Courtesy Roy Denison
Courtesy Roy Denison

Tadcaster Tower Brewery Co. Ltd, Wetherby Road, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire.

Founded in York in the early 18th century as Hotham & Co, with a brewery in George Street.

The Hotham family sold out to a consortium of local aristocrats in 1875, ushering in a period of expansion. Lack of room for expansion at the George Street site led to the construction of a new brewery at Tadcaster in 1882, and the name was changed as above. However, the company's offices remained in York throughout its existence. Registered June 1894.

Acquired by Hammond's Bradford Brewery Co. Ltd in August 1946 with 247 tied houses. Eventually it became part of Bass Charrington Ltd. The Brewery, much rebuilt, is still in operation as part of Molson-Coors UK.

Images of the brewery:

The brewery in 2008:

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 501,505
Description  : Picture of tower
Date of Application  : 04/04/1929
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO