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Messrs. Strong & Co. Ltd, Romsey, Hants. New Maltings. Brewers’ Journal 15th June 1902
Letterhead 1948
The Fighting Cocks at Godshill
St Denys Hotel, Southampton

Strong & Co. of Romsey Ltd, Horsefair Brewery, Romsey, Hampshire.

Founded c.1778. Brewery and 23 tied houses leased to Thomas Strong 1858, who bought the business in 1883. Registered November 1894.

  • Mew, Langton & Co. Ltd of Newport, Isle of Wight, was acquired in 1965 with 144 houses and brewing ceased there in 1969.

Strongs were acquired by Whitbread & Co. Ltd in 1969 with 940 public houses. Brewing ceased at Romsey in 1981. Partly demolished in the early 1990s.

An assortment of images of the brewery