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Branford Stores, Norwich
Albion, Gorleston

Steward & Patteson Ltd, Pockthorpe Brewery, Norwich, Norfolk

In 1793, John Patteson purchased Charles Greaves' brewery in Pockthorpe. Before the end of the 18th century, Patteson had acquired James Beevor and Jehosophat Postle in Norwich, and Fisher's North Quay Brewery in Yarmouth. Two members of the Steward family joined Patteson's son in 1820, when the company became known as Steward, Patteson & Steward.

In 1830, the Oak Street brewery of John Morse was acquired; then in 1837, Peter Finch's brewery, at which stage the company became Steward, Patteson, Finch & Company. In 1845, they acquired the Yarmouth brewery of Samuel Paget & Son with 25 houses; in 1866, Bell's of Gorleston with 20 houses; and in 1878, Bircham & Sons (Reepham) with 52 houses.

Registered as Steward & Patteson Ltd in July 1895. Further acquisitions followed:

Steward & Patteson were acquired by Watney Mann Ltd in 1963. At the time, they owned 632 pubs, and operated breweries at Norwich and Ely. Brewing ceased January 1970, and most buildings demolished shortly afterwards. The chimney was demolished in 1974 and the site cleared. Watney Mann continued brewing at Morgans until 1985.

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Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 28,559
Description  : Semi-circle with quadrant of a larger circle, SPF & Co enclosed
Date of Application  : 23/6/1882
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO