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Stancliffe Brothers Ltd, Sutton Brewery, Byrons Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Registered 1897 to acquire Stancliffe Brothers of Mirfield (their maltings) and Macclesfield.

Acquired by Lonsdale & Adshead Ltd. July 1920 with 40 tied houses.

List of Stancliffe Brothers Ltd Pubs

Tunnicliff’s Survey of Cheshire of 1787 mentioned the principal merchants and manufacturers in the county, including button and other manufacturers in Macclesfield, but no brewers. It did note that the principal inns were the Old Angel and the Queen’s Head. Cowdroy’s directory of Cheshire of 1789 listed 38 innkeepers and publicans in Macclesfield but only one brewer, a Mr. Turner.

The lease and goodwill of the Sutton Brewery was for sale in 1795, apparently after the death of William Chatterton. It was said to be “within half a Mile of Macclesfield (in which there is no Brewery of Note)”:

To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, The valuable Lease and Goodwill of and in the capital and extensive Premises called SUTTON BREWERY,

Situate at Sutton, near Macclesfield, in the county of Chester,

COMPRISING a substantial Brewhouse, with spacious Cellars Cooperage, Malt-house, Lofts, and abundance of requisite Offices, a Reservoir constantly supplied with excellent water, and various other advantages adapted to the use of the trade.

  • Also two Dwellinghouses for a Brewer and Cooper, and Stable for six horses, with about 15 statute acres of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, lying continuous to the premises.
  • Also all the Live and Dead Stock, Utensils, Fixtures and Effects on the premises, late the property of Mr. Wm. Chatterton, brewer, deceased; consisting of three Coppers, large Mash Tuns, Vats, Backs and Coolers, a Horse-wheel and Millwork, Liquor and Wort Engines, a large quantity of old Ale, Porter, Malt, and Hops, several hundred new Casks and Barrels, three strong Cart Horses, two milking Cows, two Carts, a Dray, and various other Articles.
  • The purchaser may be accommodated on reasonable terms, with the leasehold and other beneficial interests of sundry Public Houses in the vicinity of the brewery, connected with the trade.
  • The Brewery and Offices are erected on a most commodious plan, and held at a very moderate rent, have been long established in a good accustomed trade, having worked sixty loads of malt per week for several years past, and are adapted to a much more extensive scale of business.
  • The whole form a desirable object to any person wishing to embark in that line, lying within half a mile of Macclesfield, (in which there is no brewery of note) and in the neighbourhood of several other populous manufacturing towns.
  • A person will attend at the premises to shew the same; and other particulars may be known, by applying any Monday to Mr. Wm. Chatterton, Back-street, Macclesfield; to whom all persons indebted to the estate of the said Wm. Chatterton, brewer, deceased, are hereby required forthwith to pay their respective debts.

(Manchester Mercury, 15 September 1795; Gore’s Liverpool General Advertiser, 3 September 1795)

Pigot’s directory (1828 edition) listed two brewers in Macclesfield – Thomas Airey, Park Green, and Bent & Caldwell, Sutton Brewery – and two retail brewers – William Ravenscroft, Mill Road, Sutton, and John Shatwell, Park Green.

Later directories listed Stancliffe Brothers, Sutton Brewery; the address was Mill Lane in 1850-55 and Byrons Lane thereafter. John Stancliffe was mentioned in 1874 and Lieut-Col. William W. Stancliffe in 1888. From c.1900 the firm was a limited company, Stancliffe Brothers Ltd.