St Anne's Well Brewery Co. Ltd

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St Anne's Well Brewery Co. Ltd, Lower North Street, Exeter, Devon.

Founded ca.1819. Harding & Richards moved to this site from Cowick Street in 1828. A new brewery was built in 1878. Registered in 1889.

A partial amalgamation with Norman & Pring Ltd, City Brewery, took place in 1943, both companies being run separately. Brewing was concentrated at St Annes in 1956 with bottling at the City Brewery.

The brewery closed in 1965 following the Whitbread & Co. Ltd take over of Norman & Pring in 1962.

Converted to commercial and residential use.

Images of the brewery:


Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 42,894
Description : Words "St Anne's Well"
Date of Application : 14/2/1885
Used Prior to 1870? : NO