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An advert from 1909
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Joseph Spink & Sons Ltd, Brownroyd Brewery, 95 Rosse Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Commenced brewing here c.1877 and registered October 1889. Acquired by J.Hey & Co. Ltd. with 14 houses in 1924.

Demolished in early 1990s.

Malcolm Toft writes:-

Joseph Spink & Sons brewed at the Brownroyd Brewery, Rosse Street, Bradford, from about 1877. The premises was converted from other industrial uses. Joseph Spink was said to have came from York and worked as a spirit agent in 1851. He was also said to have brewed in a small way at the King's Arms, Kirkgate, Bradford. The limited company formed in 1889 was never very successful. J. Hey acquired the business with 14 public houses in October 1923 and continued to use the name from its catering trade at Park Avenue Cricket ground, at other venues and town centre restaurants.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 20,843
Description : A sphinx
Date of Application : 27/6/1879
Used Prior to 1870? : NO