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The brewery in 1914
Southam Shrewsbury.jpg
Brewsters Corner

Southam's Brewery Ltd, Old Salop Brewery, Chester Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Registered November 1866 as the Salop Brewery Co. Ltd

Ceased brewing by 1876/77.

Acquired by Thomas Southam as a mineral water factory and re-equipped in 1880 as a brewery being styled Thomas Southam's Old Salop Brewery. William Bradford made alterations and additions in 1889. Registered as above February 1926.

Acquired by Threlfall & Co Ltd. 1966 with 94 tied houses and brewing ceased.

Demolished 1967.

List of Southams Ltd pubs

An assortment of views of the brewery

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 45,521
Description  : Castle - castle mineral waters
Date of Application  : 5/6/1885
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO

Registration No  : 271,133
Description  : Three Loggerheads (words) TM for mineral waters
Date of Application  : 16/03/1905
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO

Registration No  : unknown
Description  : 5 pointed start enclosing "WS"
Date of Application  :
Used Prior to 1875?  :