Smith & Co.(Lamberhurst) Ltd

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Smith & Co.(Lamberhurst) Ltd, Main Road, Lamberhurst, Kent.

Trading as Smith & Simpson from before 1839.

Registered 1899 with 68 tied houses. Offered for auction 9th September 1921 and 54 of the houses were sold for £134,610. The brewery was not sold but their houses were acquired by the Dartford Brewery Co. Ltd.

Hugh Percival Dungey purchased the Smith’s brewery after the 1921 sale and in 1924 registered it as the Lamberhurst Brewery Co. Ltd.

This was acquired by Hoare & Co. Ltd of London and their subsidiary Page & Overton's Brewery Ltd, of Croydon around 1926.

The brewery has been demolished.

List of Smith & Co. (Lamberhurst) Ltd pubs