Sharpe & Winch

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Sharpe Cranbrook aa.jpg
An advert from 1858

Sharpe & Winch, Baker's Cross, Cranbrook, Kent.

Established by Stephen Wilmshurst jnr, in 1797 who leased the brewery from James Dadson who became bankrupt in 1810. The brewery and 4 licensed houses were then purchased by Jesse Dobell. By 1829 the partnership of Newnham and Tooth was listed here.

By 1848 owned by William Barling Sharpe and above title assumed 1892.

Acquired by Frederick Leney & Sons Ltd of Wateringbury 1928 with 13 houses. They were by then a subsidiary of Whitbread & Co. Ltd.

Some buildings remain.

List of Sharpe & Winch pubs

An assortment of images of the brewery