Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Ltd

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Scottish & Newcastle PLC, 111 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh

Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Ltd were created in 1960 as a result of a merger between:

In July 1986, they acquired Home Brewery Co. Ltd of Daybrook, Nottingham with 447 public houses. They closed Home Brewery in 1996.

They acquired Matthew Brown & Co. Ltd of Blackburn in October 1987 with 550 tied houses. Brewing ceased at Blackburn in 1991.

With the Matthew Brown company, they acquired T & R Theakston Ltd of Masham, North Yorkshire, but sold that brewery back to the Theakston family in 2003.

In 1995, they acquired the brewing operations of Courage & Co. Ltd from the Australian brewers Fosters. The new company traded as Scottish Courage.

In 2004, they bought the Northern Clubs Federation Brewery Ltd of Dunsyon, and announced the closure of their Newcastle brewery. They traded as Newcastle Federation Breweries until Dunston was closed in 2010 by Heineken.

Now owned by Heineken.