Scarborough & Whitby Breweries Ltd

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The Hudson entry in the Trade Mark Register

Scarborough & Whitby Breweries Ltd, North Street Brewery, Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Registered October 1895 to amalgamate the business of the Scarborough Brewery Co and the Old Brewery, Scarborough with 61 houses.

Name changed as above 1897 when the Whitby breweries were acquired.

Acquired by John J. Hunt Ltd. of York who took a controlling interest in 1913.

Both companies were eventually acquired by Cameron & Co. Ltd in 1953 with 120 public houses and closed 1954.

List of Scarborough & Whitby Breweries Ltd. pubs

An assortment of labels showing the products of the brewery

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 88,017
Description  : Target
Date of Application  : 18/3/1889
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO

Registration No  : 163,331
Description  : Words "Bull's Eye Brand"
Date of Application  : 11/3/1892
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO