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The brewery when owned by H H Parry.
Letter head from when George Ruddle owned the brewery.
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Ruddles Brewery Ltd, Burley Road, Langham, Rutland

Founded by Richard Baker 1858. Under the name of H H Parry & Co ca.1886-1909. After the death of Parry in 1909, the brewery and 22 public houses were offered for sale in April 1911 and were bought by George Ruddle, the brewery manager, for £19,500.

Registered as G Ruddle & Co. Ltd. December 1945. Their 38 tied houses were sold in 1978, the majority to Everards Ltd, to allow the company to concentrate on supplying beer to supermarkets.

Acquired by Grand Metropolitan in July 1986. It was an agreed takeover valued at £14.2m. The name was changed as above 1987. It came into the ownership of Courage & Co. Ltd in 1991, but the business was then sold to Grolsch in 1992.

In 1997, Grolsch sold it to Morland & Co. Ltd. Morlands closed the brewery in 1998 and it was demolished in 1999. The site has now been redeveloped as a housing estate.

From "Brewery History Number 92"

Richard Baker founded the Langham Brewery, Langham, Oakham, Rutland, in 1858 and was succeeded by his son, Edward, in 1861. Both Richard and Edward Baker employed an agent, James Harrison, to manage the brewery. By 1876 George Harrison owned the brewery which was acquired by Boys & Styles the following year. By 1895 H H Parry was the owner. George Ruddle became Parry's brewing manager in 1896, and when the brewery and its 6 licensed houses and 6 off-licences were sold after Parry's death in 1910, George Ruddle bought the business for £19,500. He was succeeded by G K F Ruddle in 1923. G Ruddle & Co Ltd was registered in December 1945 as a limited liability company to acquire the business.

In 1977 the company employed 72 people and operated 39 tied houses and the brewery produced 50,000 barrels of beer per annum.

The company was acquired by Grand Metropolitan plc in 1986 and changed its name to Ruddles Brewery Ltd in 1987. The brewery was sold by the then owners Courage to Grolsch - the Dutch brewers.

Images of the brewery:

An illustration of some of the products of the brewery