Royal Brewery (Brentford) Ltd

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The Royal Brewery Ltd., Brentford, Middlesex. Brewers’ Journal 15th April 1899
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Royal Brewery (Brentford) Ltd, Royal Brewery, 23 High Street, Brentford, Middlesex (London Borough of Hounslow)

Operated as Gibbon & Croxford until 1880 when it was acquired by Montague Ballard. Registered August 1890 as the Royal Brewery Co. Ltd. with 102 tied houses.

Name changed as above 1900. Acquired by Style & Winch Ltd in 1922. Brewing ceased June 1923.

From the Brewery History Society Newsletter Number 41

There were two Chas Crockfords, probably father and son. In 1872 there was a presumably abortive flotation of the Old Brentford Brewery Co Ltd, formed to acquire the business from Gibbon & Croxford due to the impaired health of both partners. However, Gibbon & Croxford were still listed in 1877, the brewery was advertised to be auctioned in 1879, but was probably sold privately. In 1880 Gibbon & Croxford was dissolved. There then seem to have been some four years of protracted litigation, with Montague Ballard, connected with the brewery since 1869, seeking specific performance from Mr Gibbon. BJ June 1894 “The death occurred on the 16th ultimate of Charles Hovis Croxford, at Ivy Dene Brentford. Deceased, who was only 43, was formerly a partner with the late R Gibbon at the Royal Brewery, which was sold by them to Montague Ballard in 1879”.