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[[File:Rowton Bitter label.jpg|thumb]]
<big>'''Rowton Brewery Ltd,''''' Stone House, Rowton, Shropshire TF6 6QX.''</big>
<big>'''Rowton Brewery Ltd,''''' Stone House, Rowton, Shropshire TF6 6QX.''</big>

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Rowton Bitter label.jpg

Rowton Brewery Ltd, Stone House, Rowton, Shropshire TF6 6QX.

Brewing commenced in late 2008.

John Howard writes:-

This is a family run brewery which started in 2008 under the direction of Jim Preston who was the brewer and everything until joined by his sons Steve and Peter.

Water is used from a borehole.

They brewed beer for sale in pubs around the area and took over the Pheasant, Wellington in 2017 and the Fighting Cocks, Oakengates in 2019.

The Pheasant and outbuildings was taken over from Dave Goldingay (Ironbridge Brewery Co) when he moved to Wales and they carried on brewing in the building behind the pub as well as at the farm .There is a combined brew capacity of ten barrels for the two sites .The farm is close to where the first metal meteorite landed in the UK in 1876,a piece of which is in the Science Museum in London. This has resulted in the naming of some of the beers brewed being named after astronomical events and occurrences e.g. Area 51 and Meteorite.