Robert Oldershaw

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Robert Watson Oldershaw, Wellington Brewery, Wellington Street, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

As early as 1812, a Mr Oldershaw ran the Turk’s Head at Castle Donington and there were individuals with this surname at various pubs in the county throughout the century. However, the first useful mention was for 1877, when Robert Oldershaw was shown as a maltster in Pinfold Gate.

Then in 1881 Oldershaw Brothers were shown as brewers and maltsters at 34 High Street and the Wellington Brewery. Three years later, J&R Olderhaw were listed as brewers, and from then until 1888, they were trading as Oldershaw Brothers (F3097), with a brewery located at the end of Wellington Street. The brewery and maltings seem to have been located next to the White Swan. This was presumably the site previously used by [[Edward Allen (Loughborough)]. Robert Watson Oldershaw was also a seed and cake merchant at 34 High Street, next to the Bull’s Head, and a maltster on Sparrow Hill on the corner of Pinfold.

The High Street address was also his home.

In 1891 Robert Watson Oldershaw was shown as running the Wellington Brewery (F3098). The following year he was also listed as at a brewery in the High Street, which operated until 1898; however, as mentioned, this was probably only his home and office.

In 1894, Henry Allen was the brewery foreman, with an address of 4a The Rushes, also shown as the address for RW Oldershaw.

In September 1900, Oldershaws bought an off-licence at Park Road, Blaby, from LB&M for £600, but few details of their estate and beers have been forthcoming.

In 1915 RW Oldershaw was still shown at the Wellington Brewery, but by 1922 it had closed; however, he was still listed as a brewer at The Rushes.