Rawcliffe Old Brewery

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Rawcliffe Old Brewery, Riverside, Rawcliffe, East Yorkshire.

John Helliwell to 1882 and James Bolt & Co. Then Alfred Moffat & Co in 1886.

Acquired by Hull Brewery Co. Ltd in 1896 with 2 houses.

Pat Aldabella and Robert Barnard write:-

Richard Cooper was a brewer and maltster 1818 - c.1826. In 1818, Richard Cooper junior took over the brewery from Richard Cooper senior. The brewery site occupied about an acre between the river and the village green with a footpath called the Troitchell on the west and a pub on the east. The ownership of the brewery may have passed to John Wilson before John Helliwell took it over.

Eastern Counties Herald 13th August 1840:- “For sale. Lot 6. Dwelling house in occupation of Thomas Smith, also dwelling house adjoining, also a cottage contiguous thereto, and also a compact brewery with malt kiln, drying kiln, counting house, barn, stable, and other outbuildings near first dwelling house occupied by Mr Smith, together with orchards, garden and covering 2 acres in total. Lot 7. Langham Close occupied by Mr Smith within a few yards of the Knottingley and Goole Canal and the Dutch River, bounded on the east by the Selby and Thorne Turnpike, containing 4a. 1p. 35r”. The twelve-quarter maltkiln and small brewery had been to let in 1837, presumably this was when John Wilson became owner of the brewery.

Thomas Smith was still occupying the brewery in Rawcliffe in 1841. He was born around 1785, his wife, Jane, was born around 1780.

John Helliwell took over the Old Brewery c.1867 - c.1877. In 1876 he mortgaged it to The Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society. The property comprised a messuage together with another dwelling house adjoining also a cottage contiguous to and a compact brewery with maltkiln, drying kiln, counting house, barn, stables and other outbuildings together with orchards, gardens and croft.

Alfred Moffat & Co. were wine and spirit merchants based at the Old Brewery; they owned the Spirit Vaults (formerly Three Tuns), Snaith, and Woodman Inn, Glass Houghton, amongst other pubs.

Moffats were taken over by the Hull Brewery Co. Ltd in 1896.