Ratliffe & Jeffery Ltd

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Messrs. Ratliffe & Jeffery, New (Albion) Brewery, Northampton. Brewers’ Journal 15th September 1883
An architect's cross section of the brewery

Ratliffe & Jeffery Ltd, Albion Brewery, 16 Commercial Street, Northampton, Northamptonshire.

Founded 1862 by Thomas Ratliffe. Registered in November 1897.

Acquired by Phipps & Co. Ltd 1899 with 135 tied houses. Brewing ended here in 1919, and the brewery became a lemonade factory, then used as a manufacturer of leather goods until 2012.

In March 2014, brewing recommenced at the Albion Brewery by the new Phipps NBC company.

An assortment of views of the brewery