Randall, Gibbons, Ingold & Co.

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Letterhead 1957
Brewery remains 1976
The brewery across ehe Doctor's Pond
The brewery across the Doctor's Pond
The brewery dray

Randall, Gibbons, Ingold & Co, Dunmow Brewery, North Street, Dunmow, Essex.

Founded in 1803. Merged with Webb & Gibbons in 1911 to form Randall, Gibbons & Co. They acquired Ingold & Co. of Braintree in 1916 and name changed to above. Renamed Dunmow Brewery Ltd in 1945.

Acquired by Charrington United Breweries Ltd in 1965 with 50 houses and brewing ceased. Brewery demolished in 1975.

From ESSEX BREWERS - The Malting and Hop Industries of the County by Ian P Peaty 1992 now out of print ISBN 978 1 873966 02 4

In 1803 Simon Hutchins rented a malting to Thomas Alliston.

On 14th August, 1821, the following notice appeared in the local newspaper:- "The Proprietors of this concern (The Dunmow Brewery), in consequence of the death of their late partner, Mr Thomas Alliston, request all persons who may have any claims against them will send in their accounts in order that the same may be examined and paid". It would therefore seem likely that this was the beginnings of this firm, and that Richard Randall was the unnamed partner.

The firm was first listed in 1826 under Richard Randall, who was joined a few years later by William Randall, both recorded in 1834. Their brewery was situated opposite the manmade reservoir damned by the intervening North Street, the brewhouse and associated buildings linking the "brewers house" and offices with the tap house, The King's Head.

In 1911 the two Randall's merged with their smaller competitor in town, Messrs Webb and Gibbons, and the firms title was Randall Gibbons and Company, Dunmow Brewery until 1916. In that year the company purchased the Braintree Brewery Co of Ingold and Company, Upper Railway Street, so the name was changed to Randall, Gibbon, Ingold and Company trading as such up unto 1945. A further name change then took place, lasting to 1965 as The Dunmow Brewery Ltd., when it was taken over in that year by Charrington & Co. Ltd., of London.

In 1947, Colonel Gibbons and Geoffrey Rowell were joint Managing Directors, with Tony Gibbons as Head Brewer. The company's identity was well known for its bold yellow signs proclaiming "Flitch Ales", the bottled beer labels prominent with the famous "Dunmow Flitch" side of pork. The main brew house quadrangle block was demolished, leaving extant the tap house and the offices and covered archway entrance which led to the yard area.

The old brewing area and beyond has now been developed as a residential area, all the roads named after the brewery owners.

From 1886 to 1902, Mr G.A. Randall was brewery manager, but prior to his appointment Mr Thomas Church Williams was in residence in 1882, and prior to him it was a Mr H.J. Burt in 1874. In the 1850's the firm had twenty public houses, and at the time of closure of the brewery in June, 1965, there were fifty licensed houses.

The range of draught beers were P.A. Pale Ale; XX Mild; F A Family Ale; N.S. Nourishing Stout. Bottled Beers included Blue Boar Brown; Light Dinner Ale; Flitch Stout; Flitcher; Burton Ale; Mild Ale; Family Ale; Light Dinner Ale and Double Dunmow. Several of the beers clearly identifying themselves with the local area.

In 1926 the company purchased the Stanstead Brewery from S. S. Rogers and Company, see:- Thomas Irvine Rowell.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 12,922
Description : Flitch of bacon in diamond with oval border
Date of Application : 14/8/1877
Used Prior to 1875? : 3 years