Providence Green Brewery

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Ordnance Survey extract from 1851. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland (
Auction Notice 1855: image courtesy Philip Burton

Providence Green Brewery, Green Hammerton, North Yorkshire

Brewing here in the first half of the 19th Century. Thomas and Samuel Jackson recorded here in 1838.

Brewery for sale by auction in 1855.

Some buildings may survive.

Terry Hanstock writes:-

Samuel Jackson (Allerton Mauleverer, 1764-1820, Providence Green) was listed as a common brewer and brandy merchant, 1800; brewer,1809.

Some sources describe him as a “yeoman landowner” and “prosperous brewer”.

On his death the business was briefly taken on by his son, William Jackson (Green Hammerton, 1801-1823, Green Hammerton), followed by his brother, Samuel Jackson (Whixley, 1806-1859, Providence Green). He was listed as a brewer, 1828; a common brewer, 1831; a brewer and spirit merchant, 1834.

In August 1838 he was one of the vendors when the messuage of Providence Green - including the “extensive brewery” and outbuildings - was put up for sale by auction. The other vendors were another brother, Thomas Jackson, a farmer, and the Reverend James Jackson (another relative?). The fate of the brewery after 1855 remains unknown - later directories and maps make no mention of it.

Incidentally in 1905 Providence Green became home to the Yorkshire Inebriates Reformatory.