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Porterhouse Brewing Co, 3-4 Stag Industrial Estate, Ballyboggan Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland

The Porterhouse Brewing Company was started by Oliver Hughes in 1996, at the Porter House brewpub, 16-18 Parliament Street, Dublin. This was a 10-barrel brewery.

In 2000, they moved to a new 60-barrel brewery at Unit 6D, Rosemount, Park Road, Ballycoolin, Blanchardstown, Co. Dublin. This allowed them to sell their beer into other bars, firstly in Dublin, then in Central Europe. Over three years in the early noughties, they opened two pubs in Dublin and one in London. Two pubs (one of which brews) were opened in New York in 2011.

The brewery expanded again in January 2018 when they moved to Glasnevin, a 120-barrel brewery.

From Brewery History Number 91

The only pub in Dublin not to sell Guinness, The Porterhouse officially opened to the public in May 1996, in the renovated Temple Bar area. Formed by real ale enthusiasts Oliver Hughes, who had previously owned Harty's Brewery and brewed for Dempsey's Brewery Ltd, Liam LaHart and Frank Ennis using a ten barrel plant.

The plant has a traditional tower brewery design within the pub, on five levels, and uses a direct gas fired copper. Total capacity is 60 barrels a week. The brewing plant was built and brewing advice was supplied by Brendan Dobbin ex of West Coast Brewery.

A 3 storey building was converted to a brew pub with all the accessories of a traditional pub, Glass Cabinets with beer bottles etc.

The labels for the Probably Lager and Weiserbuddy have to be seen to be believed, bearing a rather close resemblance to Carlsberg and Budweiser. Oliver Hughes however is a Barrister by trade and is not expecting legal action. Probably Lager claimed The Best Lager in the World. In late 1996 however Weiserbuddy became Chiller and Probably was renamed Templebrau.

The head brewer in 1997 is Peter Mosley, assisted by two staff and in early 1997 they were producing 50 barrels a week.