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File:Barrett Vauxhall bottle at front.jpg
File:Barrett Vauxhall bottle at front.jpg
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File:Plowman Barrett Vauxhall zm.jpg
File:Plowman Barrett Vauxhall zm.jpg

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Plowman, Barrett & Co. Ltd, 87 Wandsworth Road London SW8.

Founded 1883.

Registered 1886 as Barrett's Brewing & Bottling Co. Ltd.

Brewery closed by 1904 but later re-emerged as Vauxhall Brewery Co. New company registered as above February 1907 when they amalgamated with Plowman & Co. Ltd.

Acquired by the Wenlock Brewery Co. Ltd. 1951 when bottlers and mineral waters producer.

Brewery demolished 2018.

From the Vauxhall civic Society web page on Plowman Barrett & Co Ltd [[1]]

The visual image of the ‘beer factory’ had become increasingly important, with the brewery’s image being used on bottle labels and in advertisements. Barrett’s Vauxhall Brewery (1885) was an extreme example of this trend, with a 119 feet high brewhouse tower topped by a huge, illuminated revolving stout bottle.

An assortment of images of the brewery

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 366,136

Description  : Label design. TM Old Vauxhall Gardens
Date of Application  : 26/02/1915

Used Prior to 1870?  : NO