Phoenix Brewery (Dublin) Ltd

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Phoenix Brewery (Dublin) Ltd, 89 James's Street, Dublin, Ireland.

Founded 1778 and was later known as the Phoenix Porter Brewery Co. Registered January 1897.

Acquired by John D'Arcy & Son Ltd 1906 and closed 1909.

From the Brewery History society Journal Number 91

This brewery publicly advertised itself as "the largest brewery in Ireland but one".

Founded in 1788 by Charles Madder who by all accounts was a brilliant technical and innovative brewer. He had come from London to brew porter in Dublin. His business and trading activities were poor and the brewery was rescued by one John Brennan and later his son Charles. Essentially a porter brewery with a capacity to produce 350,000 bulk barrels per annum, it launched its own O'Connell's Dublin Ale. This was probably due to the fact that when they took over Robert Manders & Co's Brewery, their next door neighbours in 1897 it replaced Mander's Dublin Ale. It enjoyed a local and export trade however for whatever the reasons it became bankrupt and closed in 1909. The franchise of brewing O'Connell's Dublin Ale was given to D'Arcys.

The brewery features in The Noted Breweries of Great Britain and Ireland by Alfred Barnard published 1890.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 213,022
Description : Label design
Date of Application : 28/03/1898
Used Prior to 1870? : NO

Registration No : 213,022
Description : Label design for O'Connell's Dublin Ale. O'Connell statue
Date of Application : 28/03/1898
Used Prior to 1870? : NO